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Time and again we have seen talented Indian footballers failing to reach the highest levels of the global game of the football ,more due to the lack of a sound youth development system rather than the shortage of talent. Several experts have also gone on record saying that there is no dearth of football talent in INDIA. However, in order to realize its full potential, this talent must be nurtured in the right way. United Punjab residential soccer school (UPFC)was started with an aim to plug this gap so we can provide a world class platform where in young talented footballers can hone their talent under the right guidance. We at academy UPFC , bring you the latest coaching methodologies for our budding football stars. Our personal feedback system ensures a fun and exciting environment of learning of our students. Through our low kids to coaches ratio, we help all our students to improve according to their individual needs. The exercises involve the latest equipments and training plans focused on holistic development of our young players under a system that combines all aspects of the beautiful game technical, tactical, physical, mental and social.

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