Upfc defeats the top academy of the region by 1-0

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01 july 2017: United Punjab FC was invited by the Paldi academy for a practice match at their venue.

Paldi academy was filled with confidence after the last match win against UPFC. Paldi academy stepped in the ground to repeat the same but UPFC had some other plans.

UPFC emerged as the winners after putting up a great fight against their rivals. Both the teams used the 1-4-4-2 formation very effectively to put up a great show for the spectators.

The lone goal of the match was scored by Harmanpreet Singh of UPFC assisted by Lovepreet Singh in the 15th minute of the play.

In the second session also both teams got quite a few chances but none was converted thanks to the efforts put forth by goalkeepers both the teams. Home team got really close when at the last moment goalie of UPFC was successful in deflecting the ball out of the goalpost with his left hand, jumping towards his left.

The nail biting match was won by 1-0 by UPFC.