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You cannot expect miracles and success to happen overnight. Be patient, be loving and keep your eye on the target and don’t look back. Change will definitely come. – United Punjab. 

United Punjab is the fastest developing football academy and one of the largest football infrastructure in India. We have trained players from every state in India and some foreign players also. Our aim is to produce quality players by giving them world class facilities and training. Many of our products and prodigies have started or playing at professional level. Many players left their dream of becoming a professional footballer because of improper training or guidance. Remember one things

You can join us in two ways:-

  1. Scholarship Program.
  2. Management Seat.

Scholarship Program: Each year we offer scholarship to top quality players. We conducts football trials all over India with the target to touch every player in all the corners of the country. We are offering 100% scholarship to top 50 players (Can be increased or decreased). This scholarship includes education*, football training, food, accommodation etc for a football season (minimum) and to play in an I-league teams of United Punjab. Players are shortlisted or selected on the basis of their performance, not by the recommendation. This is a great step for the financially challenged players.

Management Seat: If you are not selected or shortlisted in our trials than don’t worry. You can also join with management seat. Beginners, starters or even professional, anyone can join us for better football training. We offer football training and other facilities at very normal charges. With our licensed and experienced coaching staff your performance will improve.



Please note:-

  • 1st Installment for super elite package is Rs. 4,00,000/-, elite package is Rs. 1,05,000/-, for pro package Rs. 95,000/-, for executive package and for basic package all amount to be paid in a single installment.
  • Remaining fee to be considered as 2nd installment and to be paid after 3 months of 1st installment within 10 days (applicable in super elite, elite, pro packages only).
  • Any decision taken by the management will remain final & can not be challenged in any situation.
  • Player representation charge extra Rs. 10,000 per year.
  • Fee once deposited, is not refundable and the players sponsor is liable to pay the complete annual fee for the following year.
  • For basic and executive packages Rs. 3000 will be charged extra for insurance(Rs. 1000/-) and TW3 test (Rs. 2000/-)
  • Rs. 24,000/- fee for only evening training for 1 year (Day Boarders).

Members and Fans willing to contribute for the development of the Club may remit their contribution in the United Punjab Football Club Bank Account mentioned below.

Members and Fans who remit their contribution to the Club Account are also requested to send an intimation about their details in the Club e-mail:


Account Name: United Punjab Football Club

Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank LTD

Branch: Mamun, Pathankot, Punjab, 145001.

Account No: 0512643061

IFSC: KKBK0004100

Click Here to download the admission form. Send us an e-mail along with this admission form followed by instructions given above.