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पंजाब फुटबॉल एसोसिएशन की ओर से करवाए जा रहे पंजाब स्टेट सुपर लीग क्वालीफ़ायर मैचों के दुसरे मैच में यूनाइटेड पंजाब फुटबॉल क्लब, कोंतरपुर, पठानकोट ने कैप्...


01 july 2017: United Punjab FC was invited by the Paldi academy for a practice match at their venue. Paldi academy was filled with confidence after the last match win against UPFC. Paldi academy stepped in the ground to repeat the same but UPFC had some other plans. UPFC emerged as the winners after putting up a great fight against their rivals. Both the teams used the 1-4-4-2 formation very...


Rahul Kumar S/o Kashmiri Lal who is a registered player of United Punjab Football Club, Kaunterpur, Pathankot joined Chennai FC for the remaining football season of 2017-18. HE will join Chennai FC to play the league and other matches against top teams of Chennai. Before going to Chennai Fc Rahul said as I served for my previous club, I will also serve the same to my new team to make my team win ...


United Punjab FC visited United FC on 19th June to play a friendly match against  at Guru Nanak Dev University football ground. Match kickoffs at 5:30 pm both team had a tough match but in the end UFC won the match by 2-1.